Welcome to our patient portal!

We implemented the patient portal to allow you, our patient, secure access to your personal information 24 hours a day but that is not all you have available to you!  When you sign up to the portal, you have the ability to:

  1. Make changes to your personal information, ie. address, phone, insurance, medications, etc.
  2. View lab results which come via. one of our lab interfaces.
  3. Schedule and reschedule appointments at a time which is convenient to you in our scheduling system without having to speak to anyone.
  4. Request a prescription refill when you recognize you need to do so….not when the office is open.
  5. Portal a secure message to our staff with your questions or concerns 24 hours a day!  (Of course non-urgent messages only)  Urgent concerns should continue to be called.

We encourage you to use the portal whenever possible.  It’s as easy as writing an email!  Your portal messages will be delivered to the appropriate staff members who will reply in a timely manner.  That portal message and response now becomes a permanent part of your chart with our practice.  This is a great way to communicate with us in a secure manner where we can easily read your request or concern and respond with our recommendations/ instructions. 

How many times have you spoken with someone, hung up the phone and then asked yourself….what did they say I was to do??  With the portal, you have the ability to view the response as many times as needed to ensure you have the exact directions our doctor’s wish for you.   

We are extremely happy to be able to deliver this type of cutting edge service to you and hope that you will find the patient portal a great benefit for your healthcare needs. 

Thank you for your cooperation.  We hope you enjoy the patient portal and will take advantage of the ability to reach out to us when it is convenient to you.   Remember….the portal is for non-urgent messages only!   If you have any questions or need help accessing the portal, please feel free to call our office.  We are happy to assist you!